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What are the critics are saying?

“Samuel Eagles is rapidly standing out from what is today’s norm, with a fresh ear for the music and an exciting approach to improvisation, Samuel is set to make a big impact”
— Jean Toussaint    UK


“A work, then, that pulses with meaning, taking the active listener deeper and higher…”
The London Evening Standard ★★★★ UK


“The future of Jazz… The real guardians of The Great Tradition…”
Jazz Journal ★★★★ UK


“Richly textured and contrapuntal arrangements enhanced by the imaginative choice of instrumentation…”
All About Jazz ★★★★  UK/USA


“A soothing musical generation of creative openness and elegant sound aesthetics”
In Music - ★★★★ GERMANY


“His assurance and inventiveness are impressive at any tempo…”
The National Guardian  UK


“…his deftly swerving post-bop inventiveness illuminates the initially languid Dreamy Driving…” 
– John Fordham – The National Guardian (Philip Clouts album – Umoya)  UK


“Young British altoist Samuel Eagles is a strong player with a rich sound and a fondness for bubbling double time-runs…”
Jazzwise  UK


“…Eagles leading off the solos with a marathon effort that saw him exhibiting an astonishing degree of fluency and technique for one so young” 
The Jazz Mann – Ian Mann (Live Review) UK


“The consistently impressive Eagles takes the first solo…”
The Jazz Mann – Ian Mann UK


“Beautifully set out with the tension building almost imperceptibly”
Bebop Spoken Here – Lance (Ask, Seek, Knock) UK


“Not only is Eagles a saxophone player to be reckoned with but a top-notch composer too!”
Bebop Spoken Here UK


“An exciting, innovative band”
Bebop Spoken Here – Lance (Ask, Seek, Knock) UK


“it’s confident mature playing from all concerned with a meticulously plotted group sound that sits somewhere not unadjacent to Cloudmakers Trio’s or Empirical’s.” 
Marlbank UK



“Ask, Seek, Knock is an amazing album...” 

Concerto Magazine - GERMANY


“This is brilliant contemporary Jazz, modern and based on the tradition of making music together at a high level”
Muzik and Sick - GERMANY 



“The Spirit of youthful energy combines with the internalized feeling of Jazz”
Sound and Image - GERMANY 



“…brings courage to a place which is relevant for today… sophisticated depth…”
Musik Reviews - GERMANY 



“Ask, Seek, Knock has an indisputable personality: interesting melodies, varied rhythms, tense developments… Eagles succeeds in a promising second album!”
Jazz a Babord - FRANCE


“An Album Worthy of Attention”
Culture Jazz - FRANCE


“Innovative and original with perfect cohesion between its varying temps and rhythmic delicacy.”
– Culture Jazz - FRANCE


”Fresh, instinctive and inspired… A superb album” 
– Radio REC - FRANCE


“An extremely impressive album which gives hope that SPIRIT will record many more albums”  
Hoerspiegal - GERMANY 


“They create a tightly woven, colourful sound carpet characterised by expressive and melodious riffs as well as convincing structural combinations…”
This Music - GERMANY


“It is astonishing how great the compositional maturity of these young musicians is to the eight tracks”  
This Music - GERMANY 


“…A stand out UK release…”
Jazz Views – Nick Lea UK


“An extraordinarily accomplished debut from alto saxophonist, Eagles, that is full of vitality and individual enough to ensure that he stands out from the crowd.”
Jazz Views – Nick Lea UK


“Eagles has got what it takes, both as an instrumentalist and a writer, to make a big splash on the contemporary Jazz scene”
AP Reviews – Adrian S Pallant UK


“Eagles is one of The UK’s best contemporary saxmen”
Bebop Spoken Here – Lance UK


“Pure class, in playing and composition” 
Radio Cardiff UK


“…shows fluent understanding of the contributions of key players from Charlie Parker to Kenny Garrett and Ambrose Akinmusire in his playing and writing here”
Jazzwise Magazine UK


“An incredible quartet who can and will go far”
UK Vibe (Live Review) UK


“notable for the sweet sounding alto saxophone of Eagles…”
“comes across as something of a latter-day Wayne Shorter”
UK Vibe (Philip Clouts Umoya Review) UK


“The future that lies before them is now merely an obstacle to enjoy”
Alban Low – The Art of Jazz UK


“Eagles can hold his own with any alto player in the UK” 
Bebop Spoken Here (Live Review) UK


“A mature sounding offering from a young band who we are sure to hear much more of in the future”
York Press UK


“Young and gifted”
UK Vibe Magazine – Number 14 in the top 20 albums of 2014 worldwide UK


“Eagles’ alto swoops and soars with the grace and ease of a flying trapeze and his sound is sumptuous…”  
Jazz Views – Nick Lea (Live review) UK


“…particularly the glowing - toned saxes of Eagles…" 
Jazz Journal USA


‘There aren’t many like Eagles (S) who can cast a light so bright, such is his sensitivity that he has a warmth and brightness all of his own’
Alban Low – The Art of Jazz UK



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